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Dec 5, 2013 12:00am EST
you are trying to woo someone and selling too hard, you shouldn't waste time and energy on that. you need to paint a picture of why it is special, and they wil' get excited or not. i never get worried there are not more people who lean in. i think about it differently than when we started. i think there are very few change the world, cool jobs out there. >> you also say to recruit constantly. what if you don't have the luxury of a budget? what i say recruit constantly, i don't mean hire constantly. i mean to always know who the next person is. so you know where to go as opposed to waiting for months to start your recruiting cycle and finding somebody. it is all about people and done.g thing i would say at ebay, meg was fabulous. she would bring people in. she would give them special projects. >> how do those people feel? they don't necessarily know what they will be doing down the line. we were growing so fast. we have a track record of putting those people in bigger jobs. one came to run small things and was running the u.s. business. in six months we knew he was going to do so
Dec 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
. of individual movers, highlighting a couple for you. first, noble energy. the analysts a commodity prices remain a concern going into next year. most sinceng by the the ipo. products are giving investors reason to believe it could grow into its valuation. also watching an american airlines group. the new giant created by the merger of us airways and amr crorp. adam johnson had a chance to speak to the ceo of the new giant in the airline industry. >> circling the wagons in using all the resources of the company. >> we are keeping all the airplanes because that is away this merger works. we need all of that. the networks are highly complementary. so we put the networks together. so supply will be unchanged. if supply is unchanged and demand remains constant, there should not be any change in the prices. prices move a lot based on any sort of factors, but this merger will not be one of those. >> no change in airfares. that is a big deal. randa started at american airlines. went to us airways and now running the combined entities. he obviously knows these companies intimately. when ice
Dec 10, 2013 12:00am EST
finishing his grad degree in m.i.t. his third start up in the green it is sector. energy third time is the charm. the third time is the charm. he partnered with original outfitters to expand to a few hundred installations or year. small, but growing. -- per year. able to convert this is a platform which can go chevy and ford vans. on many types and makes and models. we see it as a race to get on this many commercial vehicles as possible as soon as possible. >> driving down fuel consumption to put the brake on gas guzzlers and fuel consumption. moving the plant forward. >> frank sesno joins me. i thought you would have a story about santa's sleigh. it doesn't pollute at all. >> it is hybrid. what makes it different if they can put these packs on older vehicles and they want to do it on a lot more. they will announce another major deal with a corporation in a couple of weeks. it looks like they are on the move. >> anybody who thinks reindeer are green have not walked behind a lot of ranger. we are talking about surveillance and the cost of business. ♪ >> you are watching "bloomberg
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)